Blog comments thumbs up or down?

  1. It didn’t make much sense to me because there were not many real words so I rate it a 2.5/10
  2. This makes a lot of sense because it sounded like a really good comment I rate it a 9/10
  3. This comment the beginning is really good but halfway through it kind of changes into a text, not a comment I rate it a 7/10
  4. This doesn’t sound like comment and there are a few grammar mistakes I rate this a 5/10
  5. This comment was a good comment because it was talking about why I rate it a 9/10
  6. This comment was horrible because they said gr8 instead of great and they didn’t say from I rate it a 2/10
  7. This comment was not very good because it didn’t say to or from I rate it a 1/10
  8. This was a pretty good comment I would say its a bit mean so I rate it a 9/10

200 word challenge

It was a  Saturday evening 4 days before Christmas in a cozy cottage. In that cottage lived a 5-year-old boy called Robby and his mother, both Robby and his mother were sitting in front of the fireplace all cuddled up trying to stay warm. just when they both got comfy Robby’s mother said that they should decorate the cottage for Christmas, Robby was so excited to decorate for Christmas so he ran upstairs to get the big box of Christmas supplies. Robby was trying to get down the stairs as fast as he could because he wanted to the box and took out the first elf then Robby was taking out the elf he noticed something weird about it so he put the elf on the floor to see if it would do anything as soon as he put the elf on the floor he went and hide behind his bed he then waited a few seconds and the elf didn’t do anything then all of a sudden Robby hears “Robby time for bed” he says ok and leaves the elf on the floor in his room and jumps in his bed so he can get to sleep quick. when Robby wakes up he noticed that there was something different about his room the elf had decorated it in the night time.